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Who are SAP Consultants?

Our training is open to many kinds of consultants, from those employed by customers (usually in Customer Competence Centre) to self-employed individuals who offer their services on the open market as qualified, certified SAP consultants. SAP consultant education includes :

  • Early product training - These workshops and online knowledge products are made available before new solutions or releases are introduced to the general market.
  • SAP Partner Academies – These are typically 5 weeks intensive trainings imparted at SAP Authorized Training Centres, followed by certification examination. These Training Centres specialize in intensive knowledge transfer to develop necessary skills for a wide variety of consultants.
  • Consultant certification - Certification is often the end result of participating in an SAP Solution Academy training, followed by clearance of certification examination. Certification helps SAP customers to identify and select qualified consultants. Certification may also be obtained through alternative learning paths.

What is SAP Training?

There are 4 modes of SAP Trainings :

  • ILT : Instructor-led Training
  • VLC : Virtual Live Classroom Training
  • OLT : Online (e-learning) Training
  • Student Academy Training

The SAP Solution Academy is the most comprehensive and cost effective training offered for SAP products. We deliver a hands-on classroom environment followed by an intensive case study to discuss implementation requirements of SAP Systems. The SAP Solution Academy course ends with a certification examination where your acquired skills of SAP are tested and evaluated by SAP. Certification is a kind of benchmark to enter the SAP industry.

How does Online (e-learning) Training work?

SAP has introduced a new learner-centric approach to training: a range of highly interactive Web-based courses designed specifically to deliver effective knowledge transfer - wherever and whenever it’s needed.


To provide flexible, targeted SAP training, the courses in the series are built to support a blended learning approach – where it is possible to build a learning path which takes into account both the best of traditionally instructor-led class-room training with the benefits of cutting-edge e-learning technology. e-Learning courses enable you to :

  • Improve the return on your training investment
  • Increase productivity & reduce TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Boost motivation
  • Transfer business process knowledge related to SAP effectively
  • Use your time in the most efficient way
  • Plan your training to suit your schedule
  • Revisit or revise content at later date
  • Monitor your performance
  • Identify additional learning needs

What is a SAP Solution Academy (training)?

The SAP Solution Academy offers partners, customers, and independent consultants comprehensive training in SAP solutions and best business practices that can lead to certification as an SAP consultant. SAP provides internationally recognized training that will help you build your client base and boost competitiveness.


What are the pre-requisites of enrolling for training in SAP Module?

To take any Functional module, you need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of industrial experience in the relevant business function. You need to be strong in programming concepts to take the technical module of SAP Solution Academy. This is generally recommended to people with minimum 1-2 years of technical experience.


What is SAP Certification program?

In the business world, SAP certification is most valuable in establishing your credentials. Those who hold it have honed their skills through rigorous study or direct experience. They have demonstrated their abilities by passing demanding, process-oriented exams. Regardless of whether you are an SAP partner, customer, or user, SAP certification can give you a distinct competitive advantage.


What are the pre-requisites for Certification?

All candidates registering for SAP Certification Test must ensure that they have at least 2 years SAP implementation experience or have attended at least 15 days of relevant training in SAP. Proof of the above must be presented upon registration. You can submit the following :

  • Resume stating your job experience
  • Recommendation letter from your company, endorsed by your project manager. The SAP TC will verify the information and confirm your certification registration if you have the necessary prerequisites and work experience.

How does SAP Training help one?
  • SAP Training develops skills and experience in the practical management and application of ERP (SAP) technology. SAP training helps you maximize and accelerate the return on your investment in SAP solutions and gain the competitive advantage from your SAP solutions.

Why the SAP R/3 Application consultant certification is required?

SAP offers consultants the opportunity to obtain recognition of their SAP System knowledge by taking a Certification Test. The certificate provides customers with assurance that the consultant has passed the SAP Project know-how test .This is required to successfully implement SAP for customers.


Certified SAP consultants are integrated in a tightly knit information network with SAP, yielding greater quality and more up-to-date knowledge to benefit customers


What are the pre-requisites for attending SAP Trainings?

SAP Solution Academy trainings are intensive in nature. It is essential to have good domain knowledge to undertake SAP Trainings. Candidate must possess appropriate academic qualification, backed by domain knowledge. Minimum required qualification is graduation with two years of domain experience. Those who don’t have a degree must have eight to ten years of domain experience to undertake the training. Longer duration of domain experience covering various aspects of the domain is very useful for functional trainings in particular. The preferred qualification for undertaking training in various modules is given below :

FICO        Master’s degree in Commerce, Finance, CA, CFA, ICWA
HR           Master’s in HR
PP            Masters in Production
MM           Master’s in Materials
SD            Master’s in Marketing
ABAP      All Computer Graduates and Post Graduates

How does ECC 6.0 training differ from ECC 5.0?

SAP India has introduced SAP training in version ECC 6.0 for all core modules from 24th Dec 2007. Earlier version was ECC 5.0.

The following are the changes brought in for trainings in ECC 6.0

  1. Training and training material pertains to version ECC 6.0.
  2. A component of ‘e-Learning’ has been introduced for SD, MM, HR, FI & PP modules.
    1. ‘e-Learning’ enables participant to complete a portion of training at their own pace.
    2. The participant has an option to do the ‘e-Learning’ portion of the training at the Training Centre or at their own place/office.
    3. Major portion of the ‘e-Learning’ has to be completed by the participant before the instructor-led class-room training starts as per the schedule. Hence, candidates must complete the required ‘e-Learning’ trainings in the previous week itself. All that is needed is a good connectivity to internet, a good PC with sound card and speakers or head phones to do ‘e-Learning’ from own place/office.
    4. When you choose to do e-Learning at your own place/office, the total number of days away from own place/office is just 20 days as against 25 days earlier.
    5. It is highly recommended to register nominations at least three weeks in advance along with fees to block the seat. Candidate will need to exercise their choice of place (own place/office or Training Centre) to do the ‘e-Learning’ at the time of registration.
    6. Please Note: There is NO e-Learning component for trainings in PS, PM, QM & ABAP modules as of now & hence the training duration for the instructor-led training at the training centre remains the same for these trainings.

What is the technical requirement to access global e-Learning material for ECC 6.0?

Following is the technical requirements to access global e-learnings :
Hardware requirements include :

  • Processor: Minimum 233 MHz processor, 400 MHz recommended
  • RAM: 128 MB to 256 MB
  • Sound: 16-bit sound card, with speakers or a headset
  • Screen resolution: 1024 by 768 (minimum)

Software requirements include :

  • Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP
  • Internet Explorer (IE) version 5 and up, with JavaScript support in the browser configuration
  • Required plug-ins: Flash 7 and (for web assessments) JRE 1.31_03, or plug-ins will be preinstalled on your computer

Connectivity requirements :

  • Minimum connection speed: 128 kbps DSL

Is there any change in fee structure for ECC 6.0 trainings?

No. There is no change in the fee structure for ECC 6.0. On the other hand, candidates have greater flexibility in doing some portion of learning at their own end (less time away from work) at their own pace with the help of powerful user-friendly interface, with slide show, voice-over training material delivered by SAP over internet to registered candidates.

What is the difference between e-Learning of ECC 6.0 and OLT (Online Trainings)?

Trainings in ECC 6.0 may be delivered through Instructor-led (ILT) classroom based trainings or by way of Online Trainings (OLT). Only a small portion of the total training in ECC 6.0 is delivered as e-Learning for those candidates to opt for ILT trainings. Balance training is necessarily covered in the classroom by an experienced and certified faculty when the candidate chooses ILT. In case of OLT, the entire training is delivered as e-Learning at the Training Centre.

I have no knowledge and experience in SAP but would like to take up SAP courses. What are the recommended courses?

Beginners are encouraged to take up level 1 courses. There are 2 overview courses which are relevant to beginners.


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